Former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has said that Paul Pogba has not been fit since the beginning of the season and that combined with the ambition to leave Manchester United has contributed to the average performances on the playing field. The Frenchman has looked far from his best during the current campaign and he has made no goalscoring contributions since the Red Devils’ 4-0 triumph over Chelsea in the season opener.

Speaking on BeIN Sports, Wenger told: “First of all, I think Paul Pogba, since the start of the season, has never been completely fit injury wise. He doesn’t look, I’ve seen him the other night against Arsenal, he doesn’t look completely confident physically and he’s the type of player who has a huge physical power. He needs to be perfectly fit physically. After that, when a player wants to leave and you stop him from leaving, you know you go through a process of rebuilding the relationship that the first thing that suffers is the performances.”