The field of play will be 50 yards long and 40 yards wide and will consist of a goal box but will not consist of a penalty box. The field will have a center-field line and a center circle.

A properly inflated “Size 3” ball will be used.

The 3 flags provided by the Club to each coach should be used to mark the 4 outside corners of the field of play and the center-field line on each side of the field.

Two, 10-foot wide, semi-permanent goals will be provided by the Club at the field site. Nets provided by the Club should remain attached to the goals after each game.

All coaches are responsible for arranging team practice times and locations at any reasonable time during the week other than game day. The Club may be able to assist you with field permits and times; however, these field permits are only available for limited times.

Games will consist of 4, 12-minute quarters. Two-minute breaks divide the first and second and the third and fourth quarters. There will be a 5-minute half-time break between the second and third quarters.

Five (5) players from each team will take the field at one time. No goal keepers in the fall
All players are expected to use defensive tactics when the opposing team is threatening a score and all players are to use offensive tactics when attempting a score.
Note: This is a continued effort to encourage scoring at this age level.

All players, on teams with 10 or fewer players, are to play a minimum of 50% of each game. All players, on teams with 11 or more players, are to play as close to 50% of each game as possible.
Equal playing time for all players is strongly encouraged.

Players are not permitted to use their hands. If a player uses their hands to control the ball, the opposing team will be granted a throw-in along the sideline.

Substitutions are to take place during the 2-minute or 5-minute breaks. If there is an injury, a substitution can be made immediately. Coaches or players on the field of play can request substitutions during the quarter when the ball goes out-of-bounds or when a goal is scored.