I, _________________________________, believe that my success and development as a soccer player depends on my total commitment to all areas of the sport. I need to give to my team, my coach, and the game of soccer as much as I wish in return.

Therefore, I will devote myself to the betterment of all three. I understand that the responsibility to make practices, games, and tournaments, fully prepared and on time, is mine. While at practice, I promise to give the coaches my full, undivided attention and allow others to do the same without distraction.

I will focus on improving my individual skills while always striving to build my knowledge of the game; and work hard to make my teammates better as well. I will do everything my coach asks me to do, without complaint, and maintain a positive attitude: to encourage rather than discourage my teammates and practice good sportsmanship regardless of the game’s outcome.

I believe my team is able to win any match we play and in order to accomplish that goal, I will do everything within the laws of the game.

I understand and accept the duties outlined above and will adhere to them so that I may represent my team, my coach, the Gladiator Soccer Club, and myself to the best of my abilities.

Signed _________________