They begin to develop the abilities to sustain complex, coordinated skill sequences.

Some of the players have reached puberty. Girls, in general, arrive earlier than boys.

Most players are able to think abstractly and are thus able to understand some team concepts that are foundational to the game.

They are beginning to be able to address hypothetical situations, and to solve problems systematically.

They are spending more time with friends and less time with their parents. ยจ They are susceptible to conformity to peer pressure.

They are developing a conscience, morality and scale of values.

Players tend to be highly self-critical. Instruction needs to be enabling. Show them what can be done instead of telling them what not to do.

Although they are more serious with their play, they are still mainly involved because it is fun.

They are openly competitive. A few may foul on purpose.

They are looking towards their role models and heroes in order to know how to act.

They have a more complex and developed sense of humor.