Pepe reckons Real Madrid did not show sting on Sunday

Pepe reckons Real Madrid did not show sting on Sunday.
Playing away at Villarreal that night, Madrid lost 0-1 and as a result of that loss, they went 5 points down to their closest rivals in the top flight.

It’s not easy for them to catch up now, but, as per Pepe, the whites will keep on battling.

The Centre half, who was looking distressed while having this conversation with one of the television presenters, said, “Our intensity level was nowhere near it needed to be.”

“We had to go out there firing on all cylinders, but, we couldn’t. We will be having a discussion.”

“Second half, we could have bounced back. There were plenty of chances, but, none was taken. It should have been much better than that.”

“I would not like to take any credit away from Villarreal. They were, of course, at the top of their game.”

When asked how tough it would be now to get back to the top of the points table again, Pepe said, “It would be very tough, no doubt, but, hanging in there is very important.
We would not be giving up. We would try to keep ourselves in the battle right through.”

Pepe has lacked playing time in La Liga 2015-16 as he has had only 7 appearances under his belt thus far, but, he has shown good form of late and would probably continue to feature on a regular basis from here on in.

The 32-year old, who is spending his 9th season at Santiago Bernabeu, has already played more than 200 games in the Spanish top flight and has scored 10 goals.

Madrid had bought Pepe from the Portuguese club FC Porto at an amount of thirty million Euros.