Pepe: ‘’Real Madrid has to keep fighting’’

After having dropped points against Sevilla, Barcelona and more recently Villareal, Real Madrid has managed to bounce back by claiming an overwhelming 10-2 triumph over Rayo Vallecano at the Santiago Bernabeu on December 20 of 2015.

However, even with this overwhelming triumph, Real Madrid’s loss against Villareal is something that the Portuguese defender of Real Madrid, Pepe still hasn’t got over as the experienced defender simply can’t understand what happened in the pitch and why his team lost the game.

Real Madrid’s Pepe said: “I don’t know what happened in the first half. We were not plugged into the game. To win matches, you have to come out ready. We’ll continue to fight. The second half was different but we were not able to score. You have to give credit to Villarreal. We should have matched their intensity.”

That was the statement released by Pepe as he voiced his thoughts concerning Real Madrid’s loss against Villareal which was played earlier in December.

The Spanish League race is far from over and anything can happen in the remainder of the season but Real Madrid cant afford to drop any further points as this puts a huge wave of pressure on the Spanish club and even more pressure to Rafael Benitez who is already being rumored on being sacked if he is unable to turn things around.

Benitez received an immense sigh of relief after witnessing his team defeat Rayo Vallecano with the outstanding final scoreboard of 10-2 and they will need to continue performing at this high level in order for the rumors and the media to start giving him more room to breathe.

The players themselves are feeling the pressure that is being built around them and this has started a string of rumors in relation to some of the high-profile players being offloaded from the club including Pepe who is still being rumored on making a switch to Valencia which are interested in signing the Portuguese defender but this rumor seems incredibly difficult to believe, especially taking into consideration that Pepe recently signed a contract extension with Real Madrid which will be keeping in the club at least until 2017 and he is one of the main figures of the Spanish team who has voiced the passion that he has for the club on numerous occasions.