Pepe contract with China is still unsure

Pepe may just be another soccer star from Europe to migrate to China to pile up the cash in his bank account.

The association of Pepe and Real Madrid does not seem to be going to last much longer and there is every possibility of the defender to take the exit door this winter.

The problem is the contract of Pepe which needs an extension for him to remain at Bernabeu.

While, Madrid is hell bent on a 12-month extension only and not more than that, the player is pretty rigid about the fact that he will not accept a shorter extension than 24 months and because of the firm stance of both sides, it’s looking like a certain separation.

It’s been understood that Madrid had conveyed to Pepe that they would like to keep him for two seasons if that’s what he wants, but, for the time being, they would prefer the extension to be for one season only and then if his form remained decent enough, he would surely get another season’s extension, but, Pepe was not ready for that and turned it down.

Pepe knows that his playing graph is not going upwards now at the age of 34 and that’s why he is looking for some job security for himself. If Madrid can’t provide him that and they want to go ahead with him only on one season at a time basis, then there is no point for him to hang around there because a huge pot of cash is on offer from China anyway.

The reports say that Pepe will be making twice as much a weekly salary as he is making in La Liga at present if he gets himself into the Chinese top flight.