Russell Slade annoyed after Performance against Brentford

Russell Slade, the boss of Cardiff City, was quite annoyed by the performance of his boys versus Brentford last weekend.

According to Slade, the Bluebirds’ main problem at the moment is their inconsistency. They just don’t play consistent football for the full one and half hours.

In that Brentford game, Cardiff played wonderfully in the second half, but, it was not enough to make up for their lethargic showing in the first half. Going into the break, they were trailed by 0-3 and the frustration level of the fans had reached the maximum by that time.

The team was booed while going off the pitch and the fans obviously had their reasons to do so.

The Cardiff players are better that what they are appearing to be at this point of time. This is the same team which had trumped Manchester City the previous season, the mighty Manchester City yes.

And, now, they are not even in top 10 in the English second division.

Addressing the press that evening in Cardiff, Slade said, “Well, all I can say to the fans is sorry. I am deeply annoyed right now, certainly as much as the fans, if not more.”

“We’ve got to do something about it. We have made remarkable comebacks in the last couple of games, but, nothing has come to our hands in terms of points and that’s because we have let too much of damage to be done early on. It’s a big problem for us and it’s needed to be sorted at the earliest. We must not get pushed back so much so early in the game.”

“It’s all about consistency at this level. You can’t play well for a few minutes and then expect to win. You’ve got to be there and thereabouts right through.”