Hargreaves believes that Pogba is being unfairly judged

Former Manchester United player Owen Hargreaves has had a few things to say concerning the 24 year old midfielder Paul Pogba who became the most expensive football signing ever after completing his move from Juventus over to Manchester United on August of 2016 for a transfer fee of £89 million.

After Paul Pogba´s transfer to Manchester United was done, expectations were high for the French player as supporters of the club and of the player himself wanted to see him showcasing his skills as well as proving why the Premier League club decided to splash out so much cash in a performer.

Unfortunately, those expectations were not met as Paul Pogba was a regular starter but he could not really shine as his performances were average at best. There wasn´t anything really game-changing from the French player who became the most expensive signing in the history of the sport.

During Pogba´s debut season in Old Trafford, he managed to make 30 appearances where the French player scored 5 goals and provided his teammates with 4 assists.
Owen Hargreaves has emerged and defended Paul Pogba as the former Manchester United player said that Pogba is being unfairly judged.

¨People are judging the price-tag, people are judging the haircuts and all these other flash things they see but you look at his stats over the last four seasons: 10 goals and 10 assists, this is what you get, and he’s on track for that¨

“The whole point is he went from a great Juventus team with Carlos Tevez, Arturo Vidal and Andrea Pirlo and he was one player in a great group of players but now, because of the price-tag, he is the focal point, 10 goals and 10 assists, that’s him but he’s going to have to step that up a little bit because the price-tag is so high and the team will expect more from him¨ Owen Hargreaves said.

The current pundit for BT Sport, Hargreaves continues on saying that Pogba indeed has what it takes to become a world-class player but he needs time to properly establish himself in Manchester United.