Critiano Ronaldo is making a lot of headlines lately

It seems that Critiano Ronaldo is making a lot of headlines lately due to some of the impressive plays and the saves that he’s been making.

When it comes to some of the Real Madrid games we’ve seen as of lately, it’s really hard to imagine games without him. He’s made a lot of lifesaving plays and the most recent game was no different. He’s far too loosely used today and thought of by the management of Real Madrid. However, the fans and the team know better. The Real Madrid had a huge hole they dug for themselves if it wanted to progress in the Champions League. This is where Critiano Ronaldo came in.

In Germany, Real Madrid lost the very first leg of the race leaving them at 2 to 0. This means that the Real Madrid had to make sure that they secured a victory over Wolfsburg by at least three very distinct goals. This came at a game versus a challenging opponent at the Santiago Bernabeau stadium and Ronaldo made sure to score every single goal that the team needed.

The Real Madrid has their sets of flaws and that’s definitely one of them. They’re a very well rounded team but they seem to struggle on goal scoring without Ronaldo. They rely too heavily on individuals like Ronaldo on those important games, so what would they do if he wasn’t there or if he was bought out by another team?

So what exactly scored these goals? When it came to the last and final goal, it was a free kick. However, it wasn’t exactly one of Ronaldo’s trademarks when it comes to his individual talents. It was KeylorNavas that suggested that he kick it softly and actually surprise anyone because he’s known as putting some power into his kicks. This decision won them the game.